The Arctic is a worship project that pursues after God through music and soundscape, founded by songwriter and musician Luke Vandevert and consists of a collective of friends, songwriters, and musicians. 

The Arctic travels around meeting with churches of all denominations in putting on worship event, meeting with local songwriters and have one or two of them share some songs before an event and, in some cases, even join the collective. The Arctic has teamed up with many talented musicians and songwriters over the past years to put on these events, including artists like Ryan McAllister, Coalmont, Marika, Alex Toney, Achor, Daniel Kikkert, and more

Most of the songs that are written by this worship collective are created with the intent of focusing on God and growing in understanding of him, while at the same time allow for expressions of praise, lament, thanksgiving, and sometimes frustration to the listener. From songs of reflection on the body of Christ like "Diversity", the desperation of seeking alertness in "Searchlights" to a vulnerability in worship like "Reverberate". Some songs are written stories or thoughts that reflect on situations, like "Lost Lover" which focuses on loneliness. 

The Arctic's first EP "Reverberate" is now available in our store and available at It is also available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, Noisetrade, and many others. Feel free to message us if you have any inquiry for charts.